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From a few seconds to a few minutes, any promotional video can be a highly effective marketing tool with the right balance of 'sizzle', information and emotion.  

We love to squeeze every last drop out of our client's message to create powerful content that compels viewers to engage, purchase, donate, learn, visit, or find out more.

Fundraising videos, brand awareness and social content, commercials, one-off promos and larger campaigns. The content we create will reflect years of experience and fine-tuned creative instinct which will help move your audience into action.

Whether video promotion is something you’ve used before, or if you’re new to this idea, Evoked Creative can guide you through the process, developing an idea, scripting, storyboarding, shooting or animating - we know all the tricks of the trade!

Technically and creatively, we can deliver just about anything you can dream up and together we can determine the most effective approach to  achieve the outcome you are hoping for. 

promotional videos & trailers

LucyLou Mother Nurture

Our client needed a premium promo hinting at the range of topics this course offered, and of course how, where and why they should get involved.


Evoked Creative Showreel

We had fun using some of our work trying to convince you that we're the right choice for your next project!

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TV Promos

They're short, they're direct and they're often over the top. But this style of promo doesn't just have to be for TV

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Executive Producer | Nine Entertainment


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