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digital learning

‘Simple but effective’ is our take on digital learning.


An online course is now as essential to any entrepreneur, expert or thought leader’s toolbox, as a website and business card. So, if you have course content - or an idea for one - we can help you craft something professional and bespoke with a style that’s right for you and your business.  

Learning videos don’t need to put you to sleep! We can take educational content to the next level so that they are creative and compelling - that’s our goal at Evoked Creative. 

From first concepts to structure, scripting, shooting, design and editing, all the way to final delivery, we play to our client’s strengths and will deliver videos which will act as powerful tools to enhance the learning of all who sign up.  

Have a look at our recent journey with LucyLou Mother Nurture. We produced all of their course content as well as the company promotional videos here.

So, whatever our involvement, we help our clients create clear, comprehensive and cost-effective digital learning experiences that puts legs on ideas and ultimately helps their business thrive.

LucyLou Mother Nurture

These are 2 of 98 videos that we created for this online prenatal training course. Simple, clear, elegant - that was all it needed.


Head of Anglicare Foundation


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