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corporate communications

By giving our clients internal and external comms some extra attention we can:

  • Motivate employees and boost their engagement.

  • Accelerate the on-boarding process.

  • Create engaging training and professional development content.

Whatever our clients need to convey, we always find an angle that will enthuse, move or entertain. Video is an excellent way to convey information and has many advantages over in-person alternatives. People can take part from anywhere, at their own pace and revisit the same content many times. 

By using existing assets, or by creating something new, we can work within most departmental budgets. Here are some examples of corporate communication we can talk about:

More often than not, clients' requirements involve a combination or a variation of the below. Get in touch to talk about your corporate comms.

  • Generate excitement around a pitch.

  • Make reports and company comms engaging.

  • Keep investors coming to your door.

about us videos

​This is where a company or brand expresses who they are and what they stand for. It sometimes plays on a website's homepage or 'About us' section, and it is a key part of a company’s communication strategy. 

event or
conference videos

Gather excitement or engagement for an event coming up or share the event with those who couldn’t attend. We can make use of key speakers, panels, vox pops or breakout sessions. 

case study videos

We can capture testimonials from those who have engaged with your product or business and delivery videos that are sometimes the most effective way to generate new business and attract customers. 

explainer videos

Using a wide range of graphic and animation techniques, or a hybrid of live action and animation, we can take complex processes or less tangible concepts like software and tech, and take viewers through a simple, clear explanation. 

training videos

We use your material to develop informative programs, conduct staff inductions and training, best practice and procedures, or workplace health videos. These videos can supplement in-person sessions, or take the place of face-to-face training.

Network 10's Diversity Initiative

We wove together footage that we shot on station, with footage sent in from staff across Australia, to sell Network 10's Diversity Initiative.


Series Director | Endomol Shine


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